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Building a brighter world-class tomorrow and shaping the mind of tomorrow's future.


We are a youth-led organisation that provides young people with support and opportunity for personal growth and development.

Young people with the certificates they have earned


Our Campaign

We have committed to the following steps over the next year.

Please join us!

Invest in over 1000 business start-ups run by young people aged 16-29, and ensure these companies achieve stable revenue.

Help over 10,000 young people become actively engaged in employment, education, and training through our comprehensive directory, programs, and initiatives.


Our foundation was created after the tragic killing of Fico Dougan on September 25th 2013, in the borough of Croydon. 


Ficos World Stories

"My name is Alex Kenlock a 28 year old record label owner.
Ficosworld impacted my life massively at the age of 19 by not only giving me a platform to truly express myself, but also mentorship and life skills in which are still ever present to this day.
Ficosworld changed my perspective on who I am. It brought out the dormant but innate leadership abilities within me which in turn lead to the positive impact of thousands of other young individuals with a similar back ground to myself."

Alex Kenlock, Record Label Owner

Alex Kenlock portrait

As we look to the future, we are excited to expand our efforts, work with new partners, and provide opportunities to even more exceptional young people. We know the potential out there waiting to be unleashed is astounding. Together with our compassionate team and the communities that so generously support our mission, we are dedicated to continued growth and unlocking possibilities for people from all walks of life.

Inspirational Stories

Hosted by Faith in the City, The Gender Agenda Podcast is a conversation continuum starting at the Grass Roots to the Boardroom and beyond. S2 Guests include incredible black women leading in Medicine, Pharmacy, Fintech and Accounting & more!


See what we offer, and how we can bring opportunities to your school, workplace, and community.

School workshop photo


See where we are meeting next, and please come along and get involved!

Photo from a Ficos World event
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