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Our Campaign is an initiative to bring opportunities to young people and businesses.

We are working to continue our legacy of uplifting and empowering young people across London. Please read more about our projects below and see how you can get involved.


Our campaign supports small businesses and students by providing financial support, advice, and connections to employment and training.

Our Promise

We promise to work hard with every young person to ensure that they achieve their full potential so no other mother, family or young person will suffer a loss the way we did.

We believe even though you were born in a disadvantaged background doesn't mean you shouldn't have the same opportunities in life.

We believe that every young person should have an equal chance at life no matter where they were born.

We believe even if you have committed a crime, been incarcerated, suffered loss, made a mistake you can still turn your life around.


We will invest in a minimum of 1000 business startups run by young people aged 17-29, and ensure these startups are fully functional and have achieved stable income.


Education & Employment

We aim to get over 10,000 young people actively engaged in employment, education, and training through our comprehensive directory, programs, and initiatives.

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Early Intervention

Ficos World focuses on early intervention as a way to bring opportunities and positive outcomes to young people.



Get in Touch

If you would like to get involved in our campaign in any capacity please reach out to us.

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