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Please take a look at the articles below to learn how we approach bringing change to our communities. Read about the causes we champion and the people we serve, and get an insight into how we tackle social issues across London.

The Gender Agenda

Hosted by Faith in the City, The Gender Agenda Podcast is a conversation continuum starting at the Grass Roots to the Boardroom and beyond. S2 Guests include incredible black women leading in Medicine, Pharmacy, Fintech and Accounting & more!


At the Ficos World Foundation, we believe that providing access to resources and opportunities is key to helping our people grow and lead positive lives. On this page, you'll find a variety of materials aimed at supporting youth development and well-being, from educational materials and career guidance to mental health resources and creative outlets. We invite you to explore these offerings and discover how the Ficos World Foundation is committed to uplifting and inspiring youth in our communities.

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