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From My Living Room
to the Bvlgari Hotel #10yearson

Ficos World marks the celebration of 10 years with their first event of the year the Ficos World Summit ‘Revolution’ in the heart of London.

Crowned as a Celebration of Impact, Consistency, and leadership the event was held at the prestigious Bulgari hotel with over 100 young delegates in attendance. The event showcased young business owners and professional communities such as Law City, Close of Play, RV Hair UK, Capital Sports & more who have all become partners of the foundation due to the impact it’s had on each founder.

The event was hosted by Podcaster Faith Gundani and Isaac Miller, financial trader co-hosted panels with former Goldman Sachs analyst, Aba Anderson and Capital Sports founder, Lennox Attoh who spoke about how their various initiatives are now impacting the lives of other young people.

Heartfelt performances from D9, S Rose, Armstrong and Bread from world renowned group Hope Dealers were also on display.

Founder Shadia Dougan took to the stage to discuss the 10-year conversation panel with Ficos World ambassadors Jayde Edwards and Alex Kenlock; both close friends of the deceased Fico.

Alex Kenlock, who met Shadia aged as a teenager, now 26 years old - gave a heartfelt speech about the impact the foundation has had on him in connecting him with his current mentor Onyi Goldmxn. He now leads hundreds through Limitless, a music platform created to provide young people interested in the music industry with opportunities.

Jayde Edwards who currently leads the political arm of the foundation, was introduced to the foundation at 17 years old; shared an emotional address at to how the foundation completely transformed her life also giving her the opportunity to pursue her political interests even though she was a young mum at the time of joining having had her first child at just 15. She is the youngest councillor to run in the borough of Croydon with an iconic campaign which saw her mobilise groups in their hundreds. She stated, ‘Politics doesn’t normally include young people, but I am determined to inspire and empower hundreds if not thousands to use their voices to create positive changes.’. She attributes her success to the foundation, that she wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the help of the mentors she was introduced to through the Foundation.

Keynote speaker Samuel Akokhia rounded up the night with an engaging and dynamic speech encouraging more people to join the organisation and essentially build their communities in partnership with the foundation.

Many young people walked away with employment opportunities and connections with mentors which was truly a success. If you would like to join the organisation or find out more about the events the Ficos World Foundation will be holding this year please get in contact with us.

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