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Nutriibox is a healthy meal prep company, known for its unique,  Caribbean infused flavours, whilst maintaining extremely low prices!

Nutriibox is owned by Rohdell Gordon, who is also a semi professional footballer. He began to start this business as he dropped out of full time professional football, and went into the semi professional game. He therefore had a couple of days of free time, to be able to focus on making this dream become reality! 

The dream began about 2 and a half years ago, January 2017, when pastor Samuel Akokhia was preaching at a service in Croydon Connect! He gave an instruction that all members of the congregation should write down 3 things that they would like to see manifest in the year ahead. 1 thing that Rohdell wrote down was to have a business that can work in sync with his football career, to bring in extra funds. After prayer and a lot of mentor ship, Rohdell had came up with the idea to launch the company ‘Nutriibox’

2 and a half years later, it still stands today and is flourishing more than ever!

For more information follow @Nutriibox on Instagram for more information and orders. 

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