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Mentor Network

If you are aged 16 to 25 and you live in the borough of Croydon, get in touch and join our network today to be assigned a mentor who can help you on your journey.


About Ficos World

At the Ficos World Foundation we are tremendously proud of the opportunities we have provided to young people and businesses over the years. Since our founding, we have helped countless young people discover and fulfill their potential by facilitating workshops, work experiences, insight days, and financial grants that support personal growth and development. We have also forged strong partnerships with councils, companies, and schools - collaborating on initiatives that create real change in young people's lives and channel hardship into productivity.

The Mentor Network

We are working to create a fairer and more equal society through our programmes, workshops and our mentor network. With this network we are bringing opportunities to young people who may not otherwise have them - please sign up by getting in touch with us if this could help you.

Mentorship with Ficos World

What do we do?

We help you fulfil your potential through mentoring programmes, events and resources.

This could help you learn more about what jobs you’d like to do, help you apply to them, or help you your existing projects for creative career goals.

How can mentoring help you?

Our mentoring programmes will give you mentor already working in your chosen industry. You can work with them on whatever you need support with.

They can teach you about the industry and roles that exist, help you grow your professional network, support your skill development and help you find work.

How our programmes work

Our programmes run over a structured period, and last from 16 weeks to 6 months, and are free for all mentees.

You don’t need to be working to apply, our programmes are designed to help you at whatever stage in your career you are.

We run a range of programmes with different organisations. In our matching process, we will always work to give you a mentor to complement your ambitions. They may not always have the exact experience you are looking for, but their skills, experience and network can help you develop in your chosen field.


Increase Knowledge

Help you understand about your chosen industry.


Grow your Network

Build your network of professional contacts.


Build Experience

Expand your portfolio by working with your mentor on different projects.


Develop Skills

Develop skills that will help you succeed in the industry.


About our Mentor Network

Our network will match you up with a mentor who has been through the same journey you are setting out on, and who can help you along the way. Our mentors volunteer their time specifically to help you, so please make the most of this opportunity and don't hesitate contact us and sign up!

Mentoring can help you change your trajectory - by helping get you into the university or career you are aiming for, helping you with exams or your CV, or anything else you would like advice on. Our mentor network is also a really valuable way to build personal connections and meet people in your chosen industry from a young age.

We are always seeking mentors for the network - if you are a professional or entrepeneur and have some time to spare, please consider joining the network by getting in touch with us!


Our foundation has helped a huge number of individuals over the years; please read some of their stories below.

"My name is Alex Kenlock a 28 year old record label owner.
Ficosworld impacted my life massively at the age of 19 by not only giving me a platform to truly express myself, but also mentorship and life skills in which are still ever present to this day.
Ficosworld changed my perspective on who I am. It brought out the dormant but innate leadership abilities within me which in turn lead to the positive impact of thousands of other young individuals with a similar back ground to myself."

Alex Kenlock, Record Label Owner

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